Parkview Public School Covered Walkway

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What do you do with rickety timber walkways?

New walkways were recently installed at Parkview Public School in Leeton to replace existing timber structures.
To be fair, the walkways had been built a long time ago. However, as posts had been located outside the roof of the structure, the elements had finally got the better of them. Along with other parts of the walkway, disintegration by rot etc. over time meant that the safety of students and staff was now at risk.
We were able to re-use the existing concrete footings which meant a considerable saving in terms of surface disturbance and cost. The new walkways of course are made of galvanised steel and colorbond cladding so… happy days for the maintenance people at Parkview Public School for the next 50 years or so!
All work needed to be done inside the two weeks of school holidays and Asset only had about 3 weeks’ notice prior to that. With everything organised ahead of time and access granted to the site, we were in and out of there in just five days.
Job finished, looks great, everybody happy… and safe again.

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