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Asset Building systems’ custom design and construct structural commercial sheds across NSW. There is a wide range of uses for Commercial Sheds, ranging from commercial warehouses, commercial storage, manufacturing facilities, showrooms with cold-storage or warehousing out the back, packing and processing sheds and much more.

Often when planning for a new commercial shed, there is little idea of what’s actually involved, so below is a brief outline.

The development application time (council) for large building projects is often 6-18 months, after which the fabrication, earthworks and construction begins. It is recommended to look forward 2 years when planning out your new facilities. Of course, if you are lucky and the council approves it fast, you could have it designed and built within 6-12 months.

Asset Building System's "turn-key" design & construct shed-building service can quote a fixed price to take your new commercial shed from design to completion with minimal time or stress on your part. We are willing to work with you to achieve the outcome you require, and we are flexible on the scope of the project. Works can include:

​✔ Commercial shed design
Design is very important and will impact the quality of the building process and the finished result. Asset Building can collaborate with you to design the facilities and storage areas to suit your business’s needs. If you are looking to get the best result from your investment, try our “budget-fit” construction option. Our estimators will work with you to achieve the most amount of shed space you can get out of your budget, without compromising quality.

✔ Commercial shed engineering
The engineering design on a commercial shed can cause a difference of thousands of dollars to your budget, firstly for the engineering design charge, then the cost of the shed building process if it’s not designed effectively (both of steel and the style of construction). Asset Building can use their expertise and experience to achieve efficient engineering for your commercial shed and the building process, to save you time and money.

✔ External and civil works
The civil excavation and concreting works are commonly a larger project than the commercial building itself, with many difference aspects to consider and make  preparation for, including the surveying, excavation, preparation for the slab, pouring the slab, office and amenities plumbing, electrical, etc. Asset Building can assist business managers with this on their building project to save hassle, time and mistakes by acting as the project manager for the complete commercial shed project.

✔ Main Steel Framed Industrial Shed Construction 
The construction process of the main shed includes accurately locating and setting out the shed on the block, pouring footings and concrete slab, putting the shed frame together on the ground and sheeting it. For OHS and efficiency reasons, we sheet on the ground and lift the roof with a crane, then sheet the side walls. If you need fire-rated walls because of the property’s proximity to the building, we can offer tilt-panel and speed-panel walls as options. Then, the downpipes and gutters get connected, roller doors are installed, and the shed is at lock-up stage.

✔ Internal Works
It is common for a commercial shed design to have the offices in the front and the manufacturing/warehousing facilities out the back. The office block can be as basic or as smart as you need, also with various options for the façade. Asset Building can help with the office design and fit out management, including the glass/windows, air-conditioning and flooring/carpet. All commercial sheds are required to have amenities/toilets, which are also an option Asset can offer with the design and construction package

Commercial Sheds with offices

In late 2015, Asset Building performed the construction of a 25m x 12m x 6m Commercial/Industrial Warehouse with offices in Wakaden St, Griffith NSW.

" Excellent job - the shed's gold, I've received a lot of positive comments about it. "                                                    Read More


In March 2015, Asset Building performed the construction of a 52m x 23m x 7m Warehouse/manufacturing facility for a Joinery in Wagga.   
Read More

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