Covered Walkways For Schools

These light-weight covered walkway roofs provide all weather pedestrian access to all areas of your School, Aged Care Facility, Hospital, Government building or Community Center.

Asset Building has provided cost savings of 15-20% on design & construct covered walkways for schools when compared with standard designs, by using efficient building methods and customized alternative designs.

  • No painting on site (minimal on-going maintenance).
  • No bird roosting points.
  • No welding on site.
  • Less posts to minimize obstruction.
  • Free on-site consultation available to ensure design suits your needs.
Walkway Features
The main feature of a Covered Walkway is the weather protection it offers for students, teachers or staff of your facility to get from A to B along the school walkways/footpaths without getting their feet wet. Less muddy classroom floors and improved morale at the school are both real possibilities with your walkways covered. After all, it is a lot easier to walk between classrooms when it’s raining if you've got a roof over your head all the way!

With options available of curved, gable or skillion roof types, Asset Building Systems can give you everything you need to go along with your walkway, including skylights, lighting under the walkway roof, storm-water connection and concreting the path under the walkway roof.

Things to consider
There is a lot of consideration that goes into a walkway project.
One thing to watch out for when you’re considering a walkway project, especially at schools, is emergency access. Often a quadrangle is going to be blocked in by the roof, so it’s important to lift the roof height at a spot which allows easy access for emergency vehicles. Ask Asset Building’s friendly staff about this and any other requirements, they’re more than happy to help!

Our Expertise
With 8 years’ experience working at public facilities, and building expertise spanning over 25 years, Asset Building Systems is the solution provider for your walkway needs. We offer free on-site design consultation to ensure the walkway design suits your needs.

Your Safety Is Important To Us
We are experienced with working at schools and around children, and are flexible in how we work. Safety on the job site is of paramount importance to us and we take all precautions to ensure the safety of children and staff while working on school walkway covers.​

Covered School Walkway Project Examples