Tilt-Up and Pre-cast Concrete Panel Construction

Get your project off the ground with tilt-up construction.

We provide the best in ‘tilt-up’ concrete panels and slabs to ensure durability at an affordable price.

Construction worker preparing concrete rebar reinforcing

What are 'Tilt-Up' Concrete Panels?

A “tilt-up” is a kind of structure that uses concrete panels lifted into place to construct its shape. This type of building can have many names, but ultimately it involves the practice of pouring concrete slabs and ‘tilting them up’ into position.


Tilt-up concrete panels are poured flat into a mold, and once dried, are propped up and lifted into place by a crane. These panels then create the walls of the structure.


While tilt-up panels are poured on-site, “precast” concrete slabs, by comparison, are poured off-site and then transported to the location.


The result is the same, but the best way to do it must determined before construction commences as it will be influenced by many factors such as:

  • site terrain
  • site distance from the concrete plant
  • site access
  • weather, and
  • timing of the project.

Uses for Tilt-Up Concrete Panels

  • Walls
  • Facades
  • Dividers
  • Landscaping
  • Tunnels
  • Warehouses
  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Parking garages

Benefits of Using Tilt-Up Concrete Panels and Walls

Industrial and commercial building customization


Each panel is custom made for the project, which opens up endless design options for the architect.

Industrial buildings construction convenience


Preparing concrete off-site is also safer than pouring it on-site, as it is poured in a controlled environment and at ground level. This also ensures better quality control.

Industrial and commercial construction time

Long Lasting

The finished result is a strong secure walling system that lasts for a lifetime! This can be a good option for concrete walls, facades, and divides.

Industrial and commercial building fire safety

Fire Safety

The nature of the material makes it very fire-proof. Precast concrete panels can meet all fire rating requirements, even for the most stringent of council regulations.

Industrial and commercial building maintenance and upkeep

Ease of Maintenance

There is no specific maintenance required for concrete panels as they are designed using material that will last a lifetime without ever needing to be painted or refinished.

Industrial and commercial building security and reinforcement


Going through concrete is definitely a thief's last option. So provided that your door openings are secured and alarmed, you can be assured that your new building is about as secure as any industrial building can get

Industrial and commercial building repairs and maintenance

Easy to Repair

Typically, concrete panels are made of a very hard mix and actually quite difficult to damage. If however if any damage does occur the material is really repairable with specialty compounds,

Save money with managed construction services

Reduced Insurance Premiums

There may be a premium reduction available for buildings with stronger more secure long-lasting concrete wall panels. Talk to your insurance people to find out more.

Industrial and commercial building construction costs

Reduced Operating Costs

Concrete walls are a build-and-forget option. When it comes to shelving or racking installation there is a plain smooth surface for back-of-storage and for fixing to. This makes your warehousing operation a whole lot tidier and cleaner.

Industrial and commercial building structural improvements

Improved Structural Characteristics

The concrete walls of your new building are an integral part of the structure and not just a cladding. This means that in most cases they add to the overall strength of the building itself.

Industrial and commercial building aesthetics


A flat concrete wall is fairly bland but there are plenty of ways to customise them to give a truly individual end result. Talk to us about these options early in your design process.

How Much Does Tilt-Up Construction Cost?

One of the great things about tilt-up concrete paneling is that they are completely customizable to your needs.


For that reason, the pricing for your tilt-up construction project will depend on the size of your building, your timeframe, the features you want, and more. The best way to find out how much to budget for your project is to contact a trusted construction firm for a proper estimate.

Worried about hidden fees or unexpected delays?

We’ve got you covered.

At Asset Building Systems, we will discuss the details of your project in-depth to come up with an estimate that is comprehensive and fits your budget.

From there application is made to council, which may bring to light any further items that need to be addressed. Once council approval is obtained we then proceed to a final quote giving you a fixed price for all details and items to be included.

Tilt-Up Construction and Concrete Paneling Services

  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Affordable

These are three words every business owner likes to hear. When you go with tilt-up concrete panelling for your project, you get all of the above!

Precast concrete panel being lifted into place
Managed construction services for your business

The Asset Building Difference

At Asset Building Systems we do things differently.

Not only are you met with a superior product, you receive attentive customer service and complete management of your construction project - all at an affordable price.

So whether you are using tilt-up concrete panels in a remodel, on a warehouse, or on a new office building, you can trust that Asset will find you the best deal for your dollar.

How Precast Concrete Panels Are Made

Want to know more about how precast panels are made and how to use them in your next construction project? Learn all about the entire process below.

Site Evaluation

A construction expert will evaluate the proposed location of your structure and discuss your unique specifications in order to design what is feasible for the space. They will also take your budget and timeframe into account in order to come up with a proper estimate.



A team of engineers will map out the plans for your structure, including sizing, placement, and materials used. Trust the pros to determine the right design for your building for ultimate functionality and efficiency.



The foundational structure of your building will be constructed and the casts for the tilt-up panels will be laid out. Once the casting surface or floor slab has cured, the forms for the structure at built on top. Your engineers will also incorporate all doors, windows, and other features to be molded into the concrete.


A bondbreaker will be sprayed onto the form to prevent the concrete from sticking to the the cast. That way, the concrete is able to separate from the form with ease.



Next, the concrete is poured into the forms. Once cured, the forms are removed and rigging is attached in order for the cranes to lift the tilt-up panels into place.



Finally, a crane is used to tilt the concrete panels vertically to construct the structure. Oftentimes, the walls are set into a foundation (usually concrete) and secured with steel braces or other attachments. Then, doors, windows, the roof, and other features are put into place.


Getting Started on Your Tilt-Up Construction Project

You have the vision, now it’s time to make it all come together. If you’re ready to get started on your tilt-up construction project, it’s important that you work with a construction firm that has your best interests in mind.

At Asset Building Systems, we work with you from start to finish to ensure that your tilt-up construction project goes off without a hitch. That means sending you a quote that fits your needs, finding only the best contractors for your budget, and using high-quality building materials.

We can get all of the necessary paperwork and planning in place so that you don’t have to stress!

Get an Estimate

Before you officially start on your project, you will want to know how much everything is going to cost (and make sure that there are no surprises). Contact the experts at Asset to get a fixed-price, no obligation estimate today.


Agree on a Contract

Your contract outlines all of the terms of your agreement and ensures that you and your construction firm are on the same page. As a busy business owner, you want to be sure that you have all of your bases covered and aren’t privy to any tricks or added costs down the road.


At Asset, our contracts are all-inclusive, and what you see is what you get. We will go over the contract with you, making sure that it meets your specifications and expectations. Work with a construction company you can trust.


Start on Your Project

You’ve agreed upon the budget, signed the contract, and now are ready to get started. What are the next steps?

With Asset Building Systems, we’ll outline the process from start to finish. With fully managed construction services, we handle the entire project on your behalf, with clear communication along the way.

We will find the best materials, equipment, building plans, and contractors to execute your project. That way, you can focus on what really matters in your business while we handle the rest!


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Let Asset Building Systems manage your project start to finish at a fixed price. Our team will work with you to find the best design for your business and take it from there. No more “surprises” and no more headaches. Get your free custom quote today.