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My Builder Doesn’t tell Me What’s Going On!

Should you engage a builder who doesn’t return your calls? At Asset Building Systems we don’ think so. Have you ever made a phone call to a builder, left a message, and you’re still wondering when or if they are ever going to call back.? We don’t think there is any basis fo r engaging

How long does it take to get a shed built?

Shed build time is entirely dependent on the type of construction and the size of the shed. A simple shed might only take eight to ten weeks from order to finish. A larger commercial project can take 6 to 12 months to build on-site – however it could have already taken months, if not years,

FAQs about Development Application and Construction Certificate

How does the Development Application and Construction Certificate process work? Each project is different. The basic process is DA, then CC. The process is basically overseen by the builder or building designer who may be an architect or a project manager. Whoever is looking after it relies on the skills of the various professionals to

Do I need an engineer or Architect? Are they Different?

Engineers and Architects are consultants who play an important part in the construction industry. Both are needed to get the detail of a shed building project from your head onto paper or data files that enable others to interpret both what is to be built and how. The Architect takes the design intent, draws views

What’s included in my shed quote?

When you get a shed quote or a price for an industrial building, it is really just the beginning of a longer process. You can get a shed quote and think it is very reasonable, only to find later that this could be less than half of the final finished cost of the project. There

Do I Need Concrete Wall Panels on My Shed?

The short answer is no. Concrete wall panels are not needed for the sake of the building itself. However, they are a good, fire-rated element of building which has basically replaced brick construction in recent times. This mainly because of cost effectiveness and the obvious time-saving advantage. Concrete walls (sometimes referred to as tilt-panels, tilt-ups

Do you have standard shed sizes?

The answer is yes and no. If you want a standard shed then yes you can get standard industrial shed sizes and heights which work out fairly economically. However in the industrial sector most sheds are made to order. They are custom built to suit your requirements and the bay sizes, heights of door openings,

Should I DIY (Build My Own Shed)?

The hidden costs of Doing It Yourself.   Taking on a building project to do it yourself when such activity is not your core skill is false economy. This holds true for both money and time. It is well known by those with experience building your own factory for instance, when you have a business

Is Over Engineering Adding To Your Costs?

Efficient structural engineering results in better bottom line. The problem with over-engineering is that you pay more and get the same result – same shed, for more cost. It is not just a question of lightening up the beams, it’s a question of getting the delicate balance between strength and weight. To increase the size of the

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