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Parkview Public School Covered Walkway

What do you do with rickety timber walkways? New walkways were recently installed at Parkview Public School in Leeton to replace existing timber structures.To be fair, the walkways had been built a long time ago. However, as posts had been located outside the roof of the structure, the elements had finally got the better of

Masada College Covered Walkway

Another School covered walkway built in January 2018. A fantastic effort by the team, this was installed in under 2 days once on-site. Built with Asset Building’s special custom designed Walkway system, this is now used by the college to walk safely between buildings no matter the weather without getting wet.

Leeton School Covered Walkways

Asset Building Systems built this Covered Walkway with performance and durability in mind.​Featuring a bird-proof design, this walkway completely covers and protects from the elements, running alongside classrooms, branching out stand-alone onto paths, then joining onto other classrooms.   This provides safe shelter for students and teachers alike and minimizes muddy classroom floors & textbooks!

Covered Walkways at Holbrook School, NSW

Built by Asset Building, this Covered walkway at Holbrook School, NSW provides cover and protection from the elements for the students & staff from the classroom door, along the path way, and alongside a Covered Outdoor Learning Area and basketball court, providing the optimum dry learning environment for students to keep their textbooks & classroom floors dry. 

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